Kelly's Korner Bar

"Your neighborhood sports bar and grill"



  • Monday- 11am to 12am

  • Tuesday- 11am to 1am

  • Thursday-Friday 11am to 2am

  • Saturday 9am to 2am

  • Sunday 9am to 12am

Kitchen Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 11am to 9:30 (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Friday 11am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Saturday 9am to 12pm Breakfast |11:30am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Sunday 9am to 12pm Breakfast |11:30am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)


Come enjoy one of our


Famous Colossal Bloody Marys

 every Saturday & Sunday

from 10AM to 3PM.


16 Varieties of Local & Craft Draft Beer  -   Sports Television  -  
 Bingo  -  Darts  -  Volleyball Courts -  Meat Raffle-
Pulltabs  -  Heggies Pizza

Great Burgers, Cocktails and much more!



Featuring Drink Specials


         Mon - Fri:  3 to 6                


B - I - N - G - O

Every Tuesday at 6:30PM


Tuesday Meat Raffle at 6:00PM

Friday Meat Raffle at 5:00PM






Customer Notice: Prices listed in-store, on menus and in advertisements reflect our cash price. Our regular prices include a 3.5% adjustment for non-cash transactions. The purpose of the non-cash adjustment is to incentivize customers to pay with cash. This is a “in-kind incentive” in compliance with section (2)(A) of the Durbin Amendment, a provision of the United States Federal Law, 15 U.S.C & 169o-2. We further provide a cash Discount from the regular price in accordance with section (4)(c)(4) of the same document. This sign is meant to inform customers of our regular price compliance with this law.