Kelly's Korner Bar

"Your neighborhood sports bar and grill"

Kelly's will be hosting a private super bowl party. Feb 12th starting at 5PM. $40.00 entry fee. (Includes taco bar, 2 free drinks, shots for every touch down. Cash raffle, LOTS of goody raffles and other give aways. Its the best party of the year.) See staff for tickets. The tickets are limited and sell out quickly. 


  • Monday-Thursday 11am to 1am

  • Friday 11am to 2am

  • Saturday 9am to 2am

  • Sunday 9am to 12am

Kitchen Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 11am to 9:30 (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Friday 11am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Saturday 9am to 12pm Breakfast |11:30am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)

  • Sunday 9am to 12pm Breakfast |11:30am to 9:30pm (Fried Appetizers 9:30pm to 10pm)


Come enjoy one of our


Famous Colossal Bloody Marys

 every Saturday & Sunday

from 10AM to 3PM.


16 Varieties of Local & Craft Draft Beer  -   Sports Television  -  
 Bingo  -  Darts  -  Volleyball Courts -  Meat Raffle-
Pulltabs  -  Heggies Pizza

Great Burgers, Cocktails and much more!



Featuring Drink Specials


         Mon - Fri:  3 to 6                


B - I - N - G - O

Every Tuesday at 6:30PM


Tuesday Meat Raffle at 6:00PM

Friday Meat Raffle at 5:00PM






Customer Notice: Prices listed in-store, on menus and in advertisements reflect our cash price. Our regular prices include a 3.5% adjustment for non-cash transactions. The purpose of the non-cash adjustment is to incentivize customers to pay with cash. This is a “in-kind incentive” in compliance with section (2)(A) of the Durbin Amendment, a provision of the United States Federal Law, 15 U.S.C & 169o-2. We further provide a cash Discount from the regular price in accordance with section (4)(c)(4) of the same document. This sign is meant to inform customers of our regular price compliance with this law.