Volleyball League

Follow our Kelly's Korner Volleyball Facebook Page for updates on the upcoming 2024 Spring/Fall Sessions!


Or contact our volleyball coordinator

Justine via [email protected]

or 651-493-6626


Please call the restaurant or messege our volleyball facebook page to ask if there are any available slots.

*No spots will be reserved unless money is put down*






When sign-ups come around, please consider the following:

Mondays are for beginners D LEVEL (+ drinking contest);

Tuesdays have played before C LEVEL ( + drinking contest);

Wednesdays are good but enjoy the night out B LEVEL;

Thursdays are our advanced league and need plenty of past volleyball experience to play A LEVEL.




Frequently asked questions/ general rules:


*_____/_____ Our entire team and joiners agree to be recorded and posted on social media platforms such as but not excluded to: Kelly’s Facebook Page, Kelly’s Volleyball Facebook Page, Kelly’s Website, etc.

*_____/_____ Playoff Nights can only have 12 teams within it, so IF there are 14 teams on that individual night of play, the bottom 2 ranked teams will not be invited to play in playoffs but welcomed back for next session if pre-purchased/ signed up to play.

*All league teams are co-ed and must follow the "Guy/Girl" Rule. Which is as follows: each team cannot have more than 1 guy to girl ratio. For example 3 guys and 3 girls=Good; 3 guys and 2 girls=Okay; 4 Guys and 2 Girls=Not Allowed

*ALL PLAYERS MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE!  This is a requirement by our insurance company, and any team caught violating this rule will be asked to resign for the session.

*All games are to be played to 21, with a cap of 25.  Regular session plays two games to 21, and the playoff are best of 3, with the 3rd game ending at 15.

*Any net interference (including under the net) results in the loss of the point.  While we realize updated VB rules state it is legal if it “doesn’t interfere with the play,” we are not adopting this rule for our league.  Player safety is our top priority, so please be mindful of your contact at the net.

*It is your responsibility to circle your wins.  If you do not, Kelly’s will assign each team one win for the night.

*If a ball from another court interferes with the play, the affected team has the discretion to decide whether to play the ball or call the play off.

*Please be mindful to start your games on time.  We have a tightly-scheduled second session, and need to keep things running to stay in compliance with the city.

*Absolutely NO outside music/speakers allowed at Kelly’s Korner.  We have very specific noise restrictions, as well as licensing agreements with music companies that we are responsible for maintaining.  We have approved channels and playlists for a reason, and ask that players respect our business-specific channels.

*Kelly’s Korner WILL NOT tolerate any instances of player misconduct, including but not limited to:  offensive language or hate speech, cursing or name calling, verbal altercations or abuse, “smack talk” or intentional efforts to distract or degrade opponents, or physical intimidation tactics.  Any player in violation of player conduct rules will be subject to a one week suspension.  Subsequent violations will result in permanent expulsion from the league, with a forfeiture of fees.  Teams will be subject to suspension if multiple players are involved in any instance of misconduct.  Any disrespect or degradation of Kelly’s staff or representative is subject to the same penalties.

*While players may be on multiple rosters for regular season, you may only play on one team (per night) when playoffs begin.